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Our mission is to consistently deliver outstanding quality, so that you can always rely on us and our products. This commitment is also reflected in our stance on sustainability, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

At Wecord, we continually strive to increase the overall sustainability performance of our collections while working closely with our supply chain to ensure that the materials we source are produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

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Our team prioritizes ethical sourcing of all gemstones that adorn our creations. We ensure these colorful gemstones are also processed at cutting and polishing facilities that value worker welfare. Our diamonds are sourced in accordance with the Kimberley Process which regulates 99% of the rough diamond trade worldwide.



We use recycled gold, platinum and silver to create new pieces. These recycled materials are of identical quality to newly mined metals but without the environmental impact.

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The leathers used to craft our products are carefully and responsibly sourced from European tanneries. All of our core tanneries hold ISO certification. Every piece is extensively cured to ensure the best colour and durability, then hand cut and stitched.



We are taking a hard look at the packaging we use and we are constantly innovating to meet the demands of a more conscious world—and that’s something we can all feel good about. Our packaging is all FSC-certified making it 100% recyclable and the pouch are reusable.

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